Sunday, February 27, 2011

101 update

#1- Legend of Wolf song was a very good book and a fairly quick read.

#2- Do a photoshoot at school.

#3 Apply for Design Team at school- I applied and am currently a member of the design team and i take part in doing some fun up styling for a variety of differnt community events.

#4 - So as much as I would have loved to go to Caper this year I got married and during the week I was gone Caper got launched and tickets were all gone before I got back.

#5 - As I am getting closer to graduate I finally sat down and tweeked my resume a bit that will suit my cosmotology life a bit better than the one I had.

#9 - My dads 50th birthday has come and gone and I didnt get to make the invites for his birthday so another dollar I owe.

#34 - Famous Daves is a new place me and my husband tried out and it was alright. Kinda expensive we thought but was ok.

#36- Do a date night once a month for 6 non censecutive months (4/6) I have now been married since october 1st and my husband and I like to do date nights once a week our last date night we didnt have much money so we got out of the house and wandered around the mall or a while not spending anything at all just browsing we spend a bit wandering through barnes and nobel and then we bought a little ceasers 5$ pizza went home and ate it by candle light was so much fun and pretty inexpensive but the candle light makes it seem something a bit more special than any other day of the week.

#37 - letter T- Tangled, K-Kariate Kid, M-My life in Ruins
#39- Last exhibit we went to at the museum was a christmas special which was very fun. They had nativity scenes from around the world set up was very pretty. The next exhibit we are wanting to go to is called bodies I have heard some great things about it so I am very excited for it!

#41 - Attended a career fair with design team and had to do updos on people all day and tomorrow I will be goin to check out a salon that I could possibly work at after I graduate school and move back to rupert area.

#47 - I went to differnt parts of alaska for a wk, on my honeymoon, that I had never been too to come.

#59 - I updated the pictures in my picture frames. I had old college pictures in all my picture frames but after I got married I put more pictures of me and my husband in them made our apartment a bit more cozy.

#83 - Due to my very busy schedule of school I was able to go an entire week without pushing snooze on my alarm and I am telling you now that I missed it completly and will probably go back to pushing the button even though i know in 5 minitues that annoying tune will go off again.

#98 - Make conversation with 5 people I have labeled as annoying or irritating (2/5)
There is this girl at school that I alway try and avoiding because she always seems so out of control a bit too peppy and almost obnoxious lol that may be a bit harsh but its true. She also seems very young in her view of the world which is not always a bad thing I suppose so this last week I decided to see if I was making too harsh of judgements. In the end I decided that the girl is still annoying after talking with her but I also am more willing to put up with her :) she has a very young view of the world that everything is perfect and parts of me wish I was more like that but life experiences have taught me otherwise. She is so happy about life and has ambitions which I thought was kind of exciting and I couldnt help but be excited with her. Although I may still keep my distance from her I know she is living in a bubble of happiness that I dont want to be the one to pop it.

#99 - One new activity I tried this last year was getting married!!! Ya ya!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

101 update

#1 Books I own and I am reading I just got done readint the Nanny Diaries and the book called Sam Chance
#34 Bambinos was delicious and bascially the food are scones with deliciousness inside of the scones Sooo good and as for Jimmy Johns it is a Sub place that was pretty good the subs were bigger and cheaper than subway but i still havent decided if it is as good as subway...
#37 I- Iron Man 2, L-Look whos talking, D-Dear John,
#42 watched season 5 on 6
#47 traveling to Texas and I have never been so exciting!
#58 clean my car today goin on a road trip it needed it! 5/28/2010
#60 I have purple in my hair so at school we learned how to put tinsel in hair so I had another future professional put purple tinsel in my hair and it looks great with my dark hair and tinsel in it!
#66 I watched a sunset and it was amazing I live in Idaho and I got to watch the sunset with the man I love and right after the sun set of the canyon he proposed to me so I am now engaged to be married!!!
#78 I bought 10 lottery tickets and I won 7 dollars out of the 10 I put forth so I didn’t break even but I figured it was pretty good for a first time round!
#98 at school there is a girl that drives me crazy!!! Her personality and mine clash but today I made an actual effort to talk to her and carry on a conversation and I found that she is also a student just trying to make ends meet like me…who knew we would have anything in common

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blog update for the month of March

So we are in to the month of March now which is kind of craziness and time is goin by way too quickly but decied that I would update the post of the few accomplishments I have been able to get around to...

#30 Get rid of immodest clothing-This was definitely and event I was happy to find out that I only had to get rid of a total of 2 shirts and of course some of my jammy booty shorts which are now unecessary to have so over all it was a good day to find out I was not gonna have to buy a whole new wardrobe :)

#36 Me and my roommate decided to do a date night which we decided to do dinner and bowling. For dinner we made tortialla soup which is a recipe from my friend Genna which is always deliciousness and of course with dinner we had accompanying Brazilian Limeades always a great choice with mexican food...As for the activity we went bowling. So I have come to find out that when I trash talk I do very poorly at any sport I play. My roommate and her date completely beat me and my date at bowling and because we lost we had to buy ice cream to go with our dessert. I also found I am not a very good bowler after I saw my roommate get 4 strikes in a row and then shortly after saw her date also get 3 strikes in a row. The date was fun and we shall see if anything comes from our date night efforts.

#37 So I have started the task of watching movies that start with each letter of the alphabet and instead of starting from the beginning at A I decided to start with the letter G and the movie of choice was Girls just wanna have fun, the letter S you can't go wrong with She's the Man

#42 The goal is to watch all season of friends and today I completed
Season 4 and hopefully I will be on season 5 oh cant wait what is gonna happen between ross and rachel, monica and chandler!!!

#92 my update of the blog for the month of march

Friday, February 26, 2010

# 41

#41 do 10 things completely out of my comfort zone after tonight I have 1 down and 9 more to go.

The date is 2/26/2010 and for those of you who may not know me very well I will let u in a little secret of mine shhhh dont tell k :) but I am afraid of large groups of people where I know no one and that is exactly what I did tonight. I decided to come home for the weekend 1 to receive my endowments which will be a differnt story on a differnt day and 2 because its my younger sisters birthday this wknd and she was having a big shindig to celebrate her birthday. So my younger sister was pretty excited that I would be in town so that I could go to this social event with her. I decided to do it because hey I get to mark something off the list. So we got ready for the night and we were off...So I must say now that my sister is almost 3 years younger than me which would mean the people we would be hanging out with and associating with would most likely also be AT LEAST 3 years younger than me but again i decided to suck it up and go. The event for the night was a Bonfire which means I will now be smelling like camp fire for the next couple of days despite the amount of times I wash my hair. We get to the bonfire and I was happy to see that there were probably only about 10 people I can handle 10 people and one of those people was an older friend of mine so in a sense a go to man or a wing man someone that you know and that knows you so whether he liked it or not I would possibly cling to him all night considering he was the only person I really knew. Through out the night more and more people started showing up, the more people that showed up the more anxiety I had. I felt as if I were in high school all over again!!! I sat back and watched as the few attention seekers felt it necessary to jump over the fire to see who would fall in first, or the few who felt it necessary to get up on logs and dance in front of every one :) and then there was the girls side of the fire and boys side of the fire and occasionlly either a single boy or single girl would venture over to the opposite side to mix and mingle and then would then return to thier safety net of friends. I made an effort to talk to a couple different people but as I did so got some odd looks and the person would then smile at me then find a reason to walk away its true I was denied lol It was kinda fun catching up with one of my friends who showed up later and actually became my saving grace. Me and my sister rode to the bonfire together which we later realized was a bad idea considering I would most likely want to leave before her. But my friend showed up and as we got to catch up we did enjoy a bit of some people watch as we got to see other people try and socialize or the selective few that were a bit more like me and were a bit uncomfortable in the situation. So luckily we sang happy birthday and a couple hours after we showed up I decided to catch a ride home from my friend because I figure that was enough time in the awkward situation and I was ready to get out of the craziness and back into my comfort zone. My friend and I decided we would walk back to where we hard parked cars. Well considering it was dark and I wasnt the one who drove along the way we took a wrong turn while walking and realized we had gotten lost so we walked around different trails and roads trying to figure out where we were and its sad to say but even though we were completely lost for a bit that was when I had been the most comfortable all night lol. Eventually we found the vehicle and my friend saved me by bringing me home and here I am sharing the first of 10 experiences. I hope you are able to enjoy reading this experience more than I enjoyed living it. Good Night!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

101 in 1001 days

Ok friends so I got this idea from my friend Kyrie of doing 101 things or goals that I have always wanted to do or accomplish and just random things that I thought would be fun to try and these things are to be accmolished in 1001 days. So here I go, this is the start of my 101 things in 1001 days! BasicallyMy official start date was 2/22/2010 and my ending date will be 11/19/2012.
Purple is going to be the things I am working on.
Red will be the things I have completed.

The List:

Items: 101
Accomplished: 17
Items to go: 84
Life Long Learner
1) Read a new book for 12 non consecutive months (2/12)
2) Do a photo shoot at school (1/1)
3) Apply for take Design team at school (1/1)
4) Go to Caper before I graduate school
5) Build a new resume
6) Do at least 20 up do's and add to portfolio (0/20)
7) Graduate school
8) Read all the books I own and have not yet read (Whithering Heights)
9) Make invitations for dad's 50th birthday party
10) write a letter to each sibling (0/3)
11) Visit my grandma each time I am in town
12) Have a girls night with all the girls in my family (0/1)
13) Have a girls night with my nieces (0/1)
14) Have an all day sister outing (0/1)
15) Workout 6 of 7 days a week for 2 months (0/2)
16) Stop drinking soda for 6 months (started 2/28/2011)
17) Look up and drink the amount of water I should drink daily for 1 day (0/1)
18) Run a 5k (0/1)
19) Participate in the Spudman (0/1)
20) Play in at least 3 softball tournaments (1/3) I will be participating in one this wknd
21) Drink only water for a wk (0/1 wk or 0/7 days)
22) Go camping at least 2 times (0/2)
23) Don't eat out for 1 month (0/1)
24) Don't eat candy for a week (0/1 wk or 0/7 days)
25) Recieve my endowments (2/27/10)
26) Read scriptures 10 min. a day for 1 month (0/1)
27) Go to temple once a week for a month (0/4)
28) Read the conference ensign before next conference
29) Stay awake for all of conference at least once (0/1)
30) Get rid of all immodest clothing (3/6/10)
31) Read the BoM
32) Go to 1 social event a week for 1 month (0/4 wks)
33) Plan my 25th birthday with Kyrie
34) Try 5 new resturants (3/5) Jimmy Johns, Bambinos, 5 guys, Famous Daves
35) Go mini golfing
36) Do a date night once a month for 6 non consecutive months (4/6)
37) Watch a movie from every letter of the alphabet (ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ)
38) Listen to 100 differnt songs from my friends top 5 favorite songs

  1. LifeHouse, Somewhere in between (3/1/10)
  2. Wallflowers, Bringing down the Horse
  3. Matchbox 20, 3 am (3/1/10)
  4. Kings of Leon, Use somebody (3/1/10)
  5. Matchbox 20, Hand me down (4/4/10)
  6. The Beatles, Let it be (4/4/10)
  7. Gotta be somebody (4/4/10)
  8. Chasing Cars (4/4/10)
  9. FireFlies (4/4/10)
  10. Love Story (4/4/10)
  11. apologize
  12. Mark Wills, Dont laugh at me (3/3/10)
  13. I heard my master call
  14. I dont have to be me (3/3/10)
  15. Unanswered Prayers (2/25/2010)
  16. Metallica, Unforgiven 2 (3/3/10)
  17. single ladies
  18. Lady Antebellum, I run to you
  19. Sugarland, All I want to do
  20. If I were a boy
  21. Hips dont lie
  22. Poker Face
  23. Papparazzi
  24. Lonestar, Amazed
  25. We are the world
  26. We are the champions
  27. we will rock you
  28. Super Massice black hole
  29. Carrie Underwood, cowboy casanova (3/1/10)
  30. i got a feeling
  31. havent met you yet
  32. Whitney Houston, I wanna dance with somebody
  33. John Mayer, Lenny man on the side
  34. The Used, I caught fire
  35. Carrie Underwood, think before he cheats
  36. Shedaisy, passanger seat
  37. Cake, Perhaps
  38. Garthbrooks, thundr rolls
  39. Jacks Mannequin, swim
  40. Travis, my eyes
  41. Muse, Resistance
  42. Oasis, Dont look back anger
  43. Hedly, Old school
  44. Blue October, into the ocean
  45. Carolina Liar, I am not over
  46. Chevelle, Well enough alone
  47. Greenday, Dominated love slave
  48. Limp Bizkit, break stuff
  49. Michael Jackson, Stranger in Moscow
  50. Michale Jackson, They dont care about us
  51. Confederate Railroad, Hunger Pains 2/28/10
  52. Tracy Chapman, fast car
  53. Nickleback, if everyone cared
  54. Shenandoah, Daddy little man
  55. Bucky covington, A different world
  56. Bryan Adams, have you ever really loved a woman
  57. Ricky Van Shelton, Keep it between the lines
  58. John Micheal Montgomery, The little girl
  59. Savage garden, tears of pearls
  60. Chieftains, North Ameriakay
  61. We are family with Sister Sledge
  62. Friends in Low Places with Garth Brooks
  63. Amor Prohibido with Selena
  64. Volver Volver with Vicente Fernandez
  65. Tragos Amargos with Ramon Ayala
  66. In a bottle, Jim Croce

to be continued...

39) Go to museum (12/23/2010)
40) Go to the zoo
41) Do at least 10 things completely out of my comfort zone (3/10)
42) Finish all seasons of Friends (10/10) 7/30/2010
43) Attend a midnight show
44) Pay for lunch 5 times while out with a friend (1/5)
45) Host a shindig once a month for 6 non consecutive months (0/6)
46) Go to Brazil
47) Travel to 5 places I have never been before (2/5)
48) Go to Table rock
49) Go to Bannock Montana to the ghost town
50) Get stamp on passport
51) Take a 4 to 5 day road trip with no destination
52) Make all my Christmas gifts for one Christmas
53) Buy a new camera
54) Buy stamping nail kit
55) Finish my 101 list (2/24/2010)
56) Start a new Journal and write once a week for 2 months (0/2 or 0/8 wks)
57) Get a quote to fix my car bumper
58) Clean my car (5/28/10)
59) Update the photos in my picture frames (October)
60) Get tinsel put in my hair (5/4/10)
61) Get windshield replaced
62) Make hair pieces for me for school 7/21/2010
63) Look into and apply for amazing race
64) Make dinner on a sunday to last through the week
65) Treat myself to a spa day
66) watch sunset at least 10 times (1/10)
67) Once I buy a camera take 1 pic a day for a whole year
68) Mail a post card to Postsecret
69) Buy and complete a coloring book
70) leave 100 pennies heads up in random places with a note that says today is your lucky day (0/100)
71) Create a blog (2/23/10)
72) Write a letter to myself to open on the 1001 day
73) Go for a walk in the rain
74) Get my palm read
75) Get a massage
76) Get a bikini wax
77) Pay for a person behind me in the drive thru
78) Buy 10 lottery tickets (10/10)
79) write all my bad memories/dirty little secrets down on paper then have a burning ceremony
80) Have a picnic
81) Spend a day at the beach
82) Write down 5 dreams I have then get a book to analyze them
83) Dont push snooze button for a wk (7/7 days) (2/21/2011-2/27/2011)
84) Say no to impulse buys at least 10 times (0/10)
85) Go star gazing and find 5 constellations other than the big and little dipper
86) Make a list of 20 things that truly make me happy/smile/giggle and post it on my wall
87) Compliment 10 strangers outside of school
88) Go without texting for 1 wk (0/7 days)
89) Strike up conversation with a stranger while traveling
90) Leave 20 post-its with random quotes in random places
91) Buy an Ipod
92) Update 101 list at least once a month (1/33)
93) Write down and send in an FML moment
94) Get quote to tint my car windows
95) Do 5 random acts of kindness for strangers (0/5)
96) Stay awake for 24 hours
97) Go without the phone for a weekend
98) Make conversation wtih 5 people I have labeled as annoying/irritating (2/5)
99) try 10 new activities/games Ive never done before (1/10)
100) For every goal I do not accomplish pay 1$ to charity
101) Start my next 101 list

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New blogger

Ok so I have officially created a blog and Im not gonna lie Im a bit lost on how to set things up...So any suggestions would be great! But the reason for creating a blog was so that I can post my 101 things to do in 1001 days...this list will soon be coming but must be finished first. I got this idea from a friend and I was kind of excited about it so I decided I would try it and then create a blog basically documenting all of my accomplishments along the way. So now that I have created a blog I am off to bed and my list will soon be here!